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What We Do

Reading is one of the most important skills a child will learn. Therefore, it is our mission to inform every parent about the once in a lifetime window of opportunity where babies naturally learn language with less effort. By simultaneously teaching the written language while the child is naturally learning to speak and comprehend verbal language, children could learn to read as naturally and as effortlessly as they learn to speak the language.

As a parent, I stumbled upon this early literacy information that has proven to be beneficial beyond belief. Realizing the positive impact early literacy has on the quality of life for a child, I was compelled to share with other parents. Since then, I have passed this information on to almost every parent that I have crossed paths with. Our new goal is to pass this information along on a much larger scale in order to positively affect the early development of as many children as possible.

What Parents Have to Say

“This is a well written and beautifully illustrated story of the pursuit of educational excellence. Featuring past and present figures that may come as a surprise, Valedictorian seeks to provide a guide for “getting started”. Young readers will be captivated by this book’s visual presentation while gaining practical tips to improve their own success. A must read for elementary aged students.”

“Beautifully written book with a great message to children on the importance of education and accomplishments. Was an easy read with beautiful illustrations. Well done Guy Lodge!! I look forward to more of your work in the future.”

“This is a great book! It is inspirational, motivational and educational. The glossary is a great idea for young readers. Can’t wait to get the paper copy for my future Valedictorians!”

“Very engaging, easy to follow and understand, illustrations bring the story to life with bright colors to keep children interested.”



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Helping parents and learning coaches to take full advantage of the natural window of opportunity for learning language.