Empowering the youth, and inspiring them to strive for academic excellence.

Who We Are….

Founded in 2017, Learn 2 Read Read 2 Learn LLC is an early literacy company that is spreading the word about the window of opportunity where children ages 0 through 5 brains are wired for learning language with less effort. It has been our experience that if you also teach a child to read their language while they are within this window, they learn to read just as easily.

What We Do….

Through books we aim to empower and influence the future bosses, community-leaders, and in-novators to strive for academic excellence. We accomplish this through creating, publishing, and distributing empowering children’s books. As well as by informing as many parents about the once in a lifetime window of opportunity when they naturally learn language with less effort. We believe that this is valuable information that should be given to parents on day one. It can help to maximize the development of many children, and positively affect the trajectory of their lives.

Why We Do It….

As an adolescent, I was under the misconception that I just wasn’t a reader. I would see friends reading books that weren’t a part of our school curriculum and would think to myself, “what a waste of time and energy.” I had zero interest in reading for entertainment. Much later as an adult, I discovered that I do love to read. A retired elementary school Principal of over twenty plus years explained to me that typically around that age, girls like to read whimsical fairytales for entertainment, and boys usually like to read for information. I found that to be spot on, and a val-uable piece of information that I could have used when I was younger. It wasn’t that I did not like to read, I didn’t read as an extracurricular activity because I didn’t find many books that interest-ed me. So my first goal when creating, or assisting with the publishing of a book is always to produce a book that first and foremost piques the interest of readers, and makes them want to read.

About The Book

Valedictorian is an empowering children’s book that inform readers of the highest honor one can receive as a student, from an early age; and inspires them to strive for academic excellence. It empowers, teaches and motivates students by giving them an amazing story of sisters who are learning and taking inspiration from each other while growing up.

Valedictorian comes with two bonus inserts for additional motivation (pictured on the right), one is a Valedictorian (in-training) certificate, and the other is a poster of Famous Valedictorians and Salutatorians. The poster features Alicia Keys, Hilary Clinton, Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King as valedictorians. It also features Norris Cole, Michelle Obama, Robin Roberts and John Legend, as Famous Salutatorians. It was important for me to make the connection for readers and highlight the correlation between the hard-work these individuals put in to attain that early academic success, and the subsequent super-success they’ve experienced because of their initial hard-work.


Community Outreach

Learn 2 Read Read 2 Learn LLC. strongly believes in giving back to the community in which we live, work and play. As an organization, we understand that consistent community involvement and engagement at all levels of school have shown time and time again to have significant benefits. The responsibility of raising well-educated and civic-minded children cannot rest solely with the schools.

If you are a local business that is looking to invest back into the community that you serve, then partner with us today and donate a box of this empowering children’s book on behalf of your business.

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Donate a box of 30 copies to a school, non for profit organizations, or church and receive:

  • 30 hand-delivered copies.
  • A book read with Q&A session,
  • A book signing

Travel expenses apply to any school more than one hour’s drive from my studio in Peoria, Arizona. Expenses include ground transportation and/or airfare. Mileage cost is at the current IRS rate.

Depending on the distance, hotel accommodations may also be required; and multiple-day visits also require a meal budget of $30 per day.

A complete list of all necessary travel expenses will be provided for approval prior to making any reservations.

Box of 30 Softcovers

$389.70 plus tax


Box of 30 Hardcovers

$599.70 plus tax


(in training) T-Shirt

(children sizes)

Shine bright like the future of a Valedictorian, with a Valedictorian (in training) t-shirt! High quality, soft cotton T’s made with selfie-paint, the logo shines when you take a picture with flash. (Check out the side by side photo of the logo.)